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 I have decided to start doing memorial Treasure's every year. Each Treasure will be to memorialize a young child who has passed away far to young. The chosen names will forever have a hidden and lost Treasure in their name. Each Treasure chest will have an engraved logo of their name and a undisclosed value. The contents of the treasure chest could be gold, silver, cash. But like all the treasure's hidden it is up to the finder to disclose the contents and if it was found. I do not know if any Treasure's are found unless someone tells me. I do not go back after I leave them and check. It will be forever know as the Lost Treasure of (child's Name) It is totally free for one and all.  But if you want to HELP Share one or all of the sites. Let's help make them legends. 


You can submit a child's name by email

Please answer these questions when submitting a Child

  • Child's Name

  • Idea for clip art for the logo

  • Age when passed

  • What was the cause

  • A brief history to share 

  • A picture

  • Also if you have a Link you want to share. 

  • The time of passing does not have to be recent

but some form of proof is required. Like an obituary or some way to validate. 

Couple examples of the logo's etched in the Treasure Chest

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