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 "find the morgan" is a real Treasure Hunt with a real treasure chest and the video's are the treasure map. So if traveling, hiking, climbing, and exploring keep your eyes open, something might just look familiar. You can follow on Youtube, Website, Instagram, or Facebook. The video's are the Treasure map. The biggest secret is "Find the Morgan" isn't what you think. Each video will shows a silver morgan dollar, but it might just be a gold piece if you are the one to find it. Don't worry if it is gone when you get there. It isn't the Morgan or gold piece that is important. The secret is what they have in common or what connects them. If you can figure that out it will take you to the real treasure trove. Although finding a Morgan Silver dollar, a $5 or a $10 dollar gold piece would be nice. But if you can find the real treasure you will forget all about the smaller ones. 

 For each Morgan or gold piece that is found, it will validate this is the real deal. 

Do not trash or destroy areas, the Morgan's are easily assessable as you can see in the video's. No need for a shovel so don't be digging anything up. There are certain rules and laws, so don't be breaking any. Follow all rules and signage for each area. Just please be respectful and enjoy the areas. DO NOT TRESPASS ON PRIVATE PROPERTY. Also please be careful some of these areas are really dangerous. This isn't a game, this isn't an amusement park, This is real and you could get seriously hurt or even killed. This is not a joke. Real treasure hunts are dangerous and involve risks. Nobody is making you go look, so you and only you are responsible for whatever could happen. There are animal's that can hurt, eat, and kill you. There are snakes, spiders, and other critters that can hurt you, make you sick and even kill you. This is not a controlled environment, This is the real outdoors. READ MORE...

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