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It is simple, this is a real nationwide treasure hunt. There are 1880's Morgan Silver dollars, $5 and $10 gold coins that can be the clue's that lead to a massive treasure. Well it isn't really that simple or easy, unless you recognize a specific area. All you need to do is follow the video's. They can lead you to the smaller treasures. But if you can figure it out and put it all together it could help you "find the Morgan" the real treasure chest.  All the clue's are in the video's. To learn more click here.  As long as one person knows where it is that makes it a hidden treasure. But some day it could be a lost treasure... maybe forever. Every Single Treasure will stay hidden until found. 

Every year I hide more money whether the previous has been found or not. You can find information by clicking here or on the 5&1 link in the search bar. The 5 & 1 treasures are a undisclosed amount that are well worth finding if you are local to the area. For some the value in each Treasure chest might not be worth driving across country for unless you are out exploring and traveling anyway, but for some it might be worth the drive, the excitement, the thrill and just to say you found one. Only the one who finds it will know the value of the contents. 


Also new in 2024 will be the New Memorial Treasure's. You can check it out in the search bar. The Memorial Treasure's will just have a name and no date.  

All the video clues are on youtube. Make sure to look at the end of the headings on each video. example the big Find the Morgan treasure hunt each video in the heading will have (22) at the end of the title. Each year the video titles will have parentheses with the year for that particular treasure hunt. Do not get them mixed up because each year they are different hunts and have no relevance to previous treasure hunts and do not have clues to help for previous Treasure hunts.

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