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This is real, this can be very dangerous, and even deadly if not taken serious. This is not a controlled environment, this is not a stage safe zone, this is not an amusement park, This is the real outdoors. There are bears, mountain lions, snakes, bugs, scorpions, gators, and other dangerous critters. There are also PEOPLE that can be dangerous. These are facts. There are cliffs, ledges, rock slides, as well as other unsafe landscaping and unstable ground. There is water, waterfalls, rivers, creeks, streams that can be very dangerous at times. Then there is the environment, weather, sudden weather changes, climate, sudden climate changes, high altitudes.  So many things can go wrong real fast that can cause injuries' as well as even death. This is not a game, this is real. NOT ADVISABLE FOR CHILDREN OF ANY AGE. You and only you are responsible to know what your limits are. You and only you are responsible for any mishaps or incidents that could happen. Your safety is a concern but you are the only one responsible for it. Do not trespass on ANY private property, you can be arrested or even be shot, as in shot dead or seriously injured by the land owner. Follow all signs and rules. You are responsible for the outcome of any incident that could happen. It is impossible to cover all the bases of what not to do.  YOU JUST NEED TO REALIZE IF YOU GO LOOKING YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE RESPONSABLE FOR WHAT COULD HAPPEN. Make sure you let your family or friends know where you are heading and make sure they understand all this as well.

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